Thursday, June 6, 2013

Opt for Open Shelving

Everyone wants to own carefree homes, El Paso residents included. When they’re in the market for new homes, El Paso TX residents have many options for creating more functional and more enjoyable homes that allow them to live their lives with ease. The kitchen, in particular, is one room that needs to be functional. You need to be able to grab things off the shelves, to locate items easily, and to have plenty of storage space, and you can accomplish all of this by adding open shelving.

In addition to providing a convenient way to locate and get the items you need, open shelving can also be useful in creating attractive kitchen displays. Show off your finest china or add in a few cute knick-knacks here and there for a cute mix of style and functionality. For an even more stylish and unique look, step away from traditional straight , floor-to-ceiling shelves and add cubby-style shelves or shorter shelving units.

For open shelving ideas and more tips for creating carefree homes, El Paso residents can contact the design experts at Mountain Vista Homes.

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